Workshops for Companies and Corporate Organisations

Is your organisation getting the very best out of all your employees?  Are they able to communicate effectively and efficiently with both colleagues and clients?  Communication is at the very heart of everything we do.  Mike’s Body Language Workshops focus on the issues that are relevant to you, your colleagues and your business.  We all benefit from learning techniques which improve our understanding of Body Language and Vocal Management; we all benefit from learning more about communication.

If you think that your staff would benefit from a greater understanding of non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence in a relaxed, interactive workshop, held on your premises, then Mike would love to hear from you.  His sessions are practical and inspiring; he has worked with the Police, the Medical Profession, the Corporate world … the list is endless. 

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Travel costs are calculated at 45p per mile
‘the highlight of the day’ Noah Price
Director - G4S Gurkha Services
‘totally brilliant’ Sarah Dakin
Warner Leisure Hotels
‘We’re yet to find a crowd that doesn’t absolutely love you!’ Ami Glass
Marketing Executive - Sheridan Maine

Commercial Clients

Mike works with individuals and large organisations. He has trained a huge range of clients including Managing Directors, Headteachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers and Sales Reps.